What We Are All About

Why “Accidentally Healthy”? Look, we’re not health professionals; we’re more like nerds who fell in love with health and became passionate individuals committed to building a healthier community. We use the term accidentally to describe ourselves. At first, we were just looking to improve our health. Then we started debating health strategies, ingredients, routines, etc. The “debates” often got heated and due to a competitive drive to win, we started collecting research, studies, advice from health professionals, and so on to bring to our “debates” to show who knew what they were talking about. After some time we noticed that we’ve built up quite a bit of content in this space. This website is a result of that very content.

Written by everyday people, for everyday people

Easy-to-understand health advice and easy-to-understand concepts behind the health advice. We really wanted to focus on the “why” because understanding that led us to draw other conclusions in different areas. We hope it will allow you to do the same.

Our aim

We don’t claim to be professionals, fitness gurus, or health gods. That’s not the point of this site. We take information from other sources and review it. That’s it. We are thinkers, allowing things to be seen in another light, adding our twist on it if we think it can be done better, or sometimes just expanding on things that we’ve found super helpful in practice.

Why do you do this?

Well first, the love of it. As we mentioned, even before we started to put our content out there we were creating it just for the fun of learning. Of course, our work spilled over into discussions with friends and family. People ended up trying a lot of our suggestions and finding our work useful. This website is our hope that others will benefit as well.

How do we view creditability?

Wow another great question, look at you. We believe creditability is a spectrum in the health world and should be identified as such. Let us provide a visual of what we mean.

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Skylar & Luis
Skylar and Luis, co-founders of Accidentally Healthy, spreading their health information and hoping people benefit off of it.