The Creditability Spectrum

Below we will be talking about our creditability spectrum. This spectrum provides a rough outline for how we view information, concepts, advice, etc. This indication of creditability level will be presented with the content. We believe the lack of creditability indication behind advice and whatnot is actually pretty worrisome.

Large Sample Sizes, Multiple Studies, and Concentrated Research

At the very top of the creditability spectrum, we have large sample sizes, multiple studies, and concentrated research that significantly enhance the credibility of information. Large sample sizes provide more representative and precise results, reducing errors. Multiple studies allow for replication, which confirms the reliability of findings. Concentrated research deepens the exploration of a topic, bringing diverse expertise together.

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Research and a Study

Information backed by research and a study is credible because it is based on systematic inquiry and empirical evidence. However, it’s less credible than information supported by large sample sizes, multiple studies, and concentrated research efforts, as these elements greatly enhance the robustness, generalizability, and reliability of the findings.

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Information Backed By Many Professionals

Information backed by many professionals is credible due to the collective expertise and experience of these experts, which lends weight to their opinions and interpretations. However, it may not be as credible as information backed by research and a study because the latter is rooted in empirical evidence that has been systematically collected, analyzed, and peer-reviewed.

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Information Backed By a Professional

Information backed by a single professional is credible because it comes from an individual with expertise and specialized knowledge. However, it is generally considered less credible than information endorsed by many professionals. When multiple experts agree on a matter, it reinforces the reliability of the information, as it has passed through various levels of scrutiny and is less likely to be influenced by individual biases or errors.

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Information Provided by Theory, Myths, and Wives’ Tales

At the very bottom, we have information provided by theory, myths, and wives’ tales. You might be thinking, why even talk about this? Well, because this is where an overwhelming amount of health knowledge lives for a lot of people. These can be concepts we need to study further, myths we were told growing up that need to be validated, or “tin foil hat” beliefs we are better off leaving behind. Regardless, you’d be surprised at how much value is found and lost in the information that is just theory, myths, and wives’ tales.

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