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Am I Wrong?

Is there a part, fact, or perhaps even an entire section of the blog that is incorrect? I know people’s first instinct might be to write one or both of us off as idiots, verbally abuse us behind a message board, or tell everyone you know to stay clear of our work. But take a step back and look at things from our perspective. We are doing this purely to help people. How about, instead of the above, you just reach out and help us help others?

What’s our aim?

We don’t claim to be professionals, fitness gurus, or health gods. That’s not the point of this site. We take information from other sources and review it. That’s it. We are thinkers, allowing things to be seen in another light, adding our twist on it if we think it can be done better, or sometimes just expanding on things that we’ve found super helpful in practice.

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Skylar & Luis
Skylar and Luis, co-founders of Accidentally Healthy, spreading their health information and hoping people benefit off of it.